Friday, January 22, 2010

Slickers (Old Forge, NY)

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Yessah, That's Right Slick

It's time for the digging and eating season again. I want to kick off the new season with a one of my all-time favorite places to eat in NY, Slickers. Since I finally got the chance to do a few projects in the Old Forge area in the last few years, I am now allowed to include Slickers as full-fledged field-friendly fodder for review. Old Forge is the first town I visited in the Adirondacks after I moved to New York from Maine, and I got the chance to eat at their local pub, Slickers. Situated on the East edge of town, the restaurant is sheatged in electric yellow; hard to miss. The hand-drawn menus are charming, and the small selection of cheap beer on-tap includes both Saranac Adirondack Lager and Black Forest (hard to find on tap anywhere).

My favorite thing on the menu is the fried Haddock Sandwich, one of the very best (and largest) in the state. Their big menu of Pub-style food is actually really good, and they do offer slightly more inspired specials for dinner. My wife really enjoyed a seared tuna soft-taco the last time we were there. I seem to always find myself in Old Forge in late fall, right before and during the Moose River Festival, and during the Red Sox' annual playoff series (at least most of the last 6 years). Slickers tends to be the place a lot Kayakers congregate the first night of the festival, though a few decent bars downtown have drawn away a little of the crowd in recent years.
Slickers isn't the only decent place in town to eat, but it should be your first, in any season.

Bonus Old Forge mention: On the West side of town, The Muffin Patch. Excellent Muffins, and Bananas Foster Pancakes. Double Awesome on a plate.

They have a site! Slickers