Friday, January 16, 2009

Mike's Seafood (Fulton, NY)

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Shoals of Haddock as far as the eye can see.

"Addle-pated lumps of anthracite! Anthropophagus! Anthropithecus!!"
- Captain Haddock

While working in downtown Fulton last year, there came a certain smell wafting through the alleys, rolling through the yards that an old Mainer like myself can never mistake: fresh, fried Haddock.

Even though most of the time you will find field Archaeologists eating lunch from a brown-bag or a cooler, in certain situations, one has to consider the fleeting opportunity to eat someplace uncharted. The crew and I ditched our lunches like a bad halibut habit and went to Mike's.

The sign out front hinted at a certain modern, clean, hipster-industrial vibe, but it was all business inside. Ten or so tables, a cooler full of Cole-Slaw and Tartar (or Tahtah if you are getting the fish closer to the source) Sauce and soda cans, and a counter. Behind the counter on the left stretching back along the wall were fresh haddock, seasoned and floured, and fries, ready to drop into the fryer beyond. There might have been some other items on the menu, perhaps some clams, maybe some fried shrimp. I am sure they are quite edible. I just couldn't pass up a fresh fried haddock filet on a simple soft bun, a little diced coleslaw (I know diced is not everyone's favorite...) and some shoestring fries for about $5. I think the haddock sandwich is listed for $3.50. Next time, I think it will be 2 sandwiches, hold the fries.

[Mr.] Mike's Seafood
123 W Broadway
Fulton, NY 13069
(315) 592-4386

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  1. Fulton's a cool place. Been a long time. I think some fish shacks used to serve eel, too--long strips of white meat in "foot long" buns. Saw your Landie pic--moved West with my '72 Series III some years ago.

  2. Jennifer P (of is the Rover collector. She has a bunch of nice examples. I haven't had eel yet, but it seems so perfect for fast food. Quickly fried, slapped in the bun and go! If anyone knows a good place to get eel, I will make it my next meal!

  3. I love Mr. Mike's! I live in Fulton, have for nearly ten years now. I'm 17 and am glad to say that Mr. Mikes is the best restaurant in town! Glad to see his place highlighted in such a pleasant way. :D