Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rubbin' Butts (Cobleskill, NY)

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A Place By Any Other Name Would Be Less Smoky and Good

I won't get too much into my thoughts about this place, as it's a simple little barbecue joint with some picnic tables, a big smoky cookin' drum, and a pile of meat to serve up with tasty sides and a huge wad of napkins. I have said too much already.

Drive into Cobleskill, go to the east side of town across from the Price Chopper plaza, you will see a little stand at the end of a tiny little string of businesses. Go. Now.

I will say this: We were investigating the possibility of a return by the famous, and really frickin' old restaurant, the Bull's Head Inn, which is in historic downtown Cobleskill. It's still dead, which is pretty unfortunate, since it had been in operation as an inn and restaurant since the year 1800. Please, if anyone has information, let us know. That was a sad day when we found out they had ceased operations.


  1. Not sure when you were last visited the Bulls Head Inn, but we stopped by on Mother's Day 2009 on a whim, and the place was booked solid for the entire day. We returned several weeks later with friends and had a very nice dinner.

  2. Ah! That is good news, but perhaps the tavern in the basement is still closed?