Monday, December 15, 2008

That Pizza Place in Tully, New York [A Pizza & More‎]

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You really don't need more information than that.


But if you must know, it's located at 6 Elm Street in Tully, NY. They have really great slices, good food in general, and are quite reasonable.

If you do a websearch, you may get a couple of different names for the place. It comes up as "A Pizza and More," as well as "Tully Pizzeria and Deli." But honestly, who cares what it's called? The pizza a great, either way.

If you are traveling on I-81, and find yourself south of Syracuse, NY, this is one of the better pizza joints in upstate NY. It's worth the detour to get out at the Tully Exit, go straight on Rt 80/11 east, and straight into Tully Center. It's at the main intersection, next to the grocery store.

While you're there, take a look at the town. Tully was booming place in the late 19th century, as part of the region's salt farms, as well as a vacation spot outside of Syracuse. The old hotels are gone now, and are nothing but map documented structures on old Sanborn maps... but there still are some great buildings in town.

Across from the pizzeria is a 2 ½ story, late 19th century, brick building with a neat gable roof. It's National Register eligible, and last time I was in Tully, was a video rental store. A quick drive through town, you're sure to appreciate the history. Keep your eye out for the an impressive Greek Revival style building on State Street. It used to be a Masonic Lodge. Also National Register eligible.


  1. I keep forgetting how accessible this place is from 81. It is more than worth the few minutes east, and they have slices late into the night, not common at a lot of pizza places.

  2. I think most people are dazzled by the fancy-schmancy gas station and mini-mart right off the exit, so they don't actually venture into the town of Tully. Granted, the mini-mart has a better rest room than the pizza place, but the food at the pizzeria is better. Plus, in the summer, there was a really neat ice cream shop right around the corner.

  3. That gas station does have a nice bathroom. They were one of the first bathrooms to have that jet-turbine-type hand drier where you can see your skin rippling in the torrential blast.

  4. This is truly one of the best pizza places. Great choice of toppings. And one can have pizza downtown, then hit the bathroom & turbo dryer before getting back on the highway.

  5. I've eaten there several times- the Za is great but so are the calzones and stromboli. I've also gone in on a cold day to add a soup to my sandwich to warm up and been pleasantly surprised. If I remember correctly they take card too, which is a bonus to those who can't hold on to cash.

  6. Been there twice this month. Still awesome.